1. Contact Details

2. Project Overview

Why would you like a new website? What do you need a website for: traffic, sales, response rates, leads generated, online authority? Who is the target audience of the website?

3. Websites you like

Provide examples of those websites (or parts of websites) with the type of design and functionality you like (from any industry)

4. Your Current Website

If any, what do you feel is your current websites best feature?

What is bad about your existing website?

5. Logo Design & Branding

Logo Style

Icon Based Text Based Illustrative Colourful Simple Complex Modern Traditional Elegant 

6. Website design and style

Design Style

Stylish Humble Helpful Prestigious Simple/Clean Slick Approachable High-tech Corporate Modern Authoritative Funky Caring Natural/Organic Credible/Expert Playful Elegant Sophisticated Fresh 

7. Website Structure

Website Page Titles

Website features

Easy–to–update SEO-friendly Ecommerce Mobile-ready Photo and media galleries Newsletter Contact forms Gallery Blog 

If Ecommerce

8. Brand Message / USP’s

9. Competition

Do you have any direct competitors?

10. Social Media

Include links to your social media profiles and other external websites linked to this project (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)

11. Other Comments

12. Upload Existing Branding / Logos / Imagery